na Marie Extra Virgin Olive Oil is
has been produced on our
family owned farm since
the early 1500's under

the most traditional and pure conditions.

It is produced, bottled, packed,
exported and comes to you
any other commercial industrial

  intermediary able to deteriorate its integrity. Ana Marie Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the only organization in the United States that does not have blended acidities.

Under todays highly refined methods of food production, it is extremely rare to find a genuine 100% pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Ana Marie, with an enormous tradition to defend, is actively involved in all aspects of production.

Ana Marie personally oversees the farming, harvesting,

  pressing, bottling and labeling of the olive oil to ensure the highest quality reaches your table.

  Ana Marie is extremely careful to follow the strict guidelines and standards that allow the farm to be recognized as an organic producer. For example, there is no chemical spraying. The grazing of sheep naturally keeps the soil free of weeds and insects, as well as providing an excellent natural ferilizer.

In addition, the olive trees are carefully spaced to permit optimum growth and health. A safety zone of untouched land acts as a natural barrier protecting the delicate ecological balance of the farm from unwanted elements or invaders.

"My farming methods reflect those of my father, grandfather
and countless past generations of men and women who farmed
on the soil of Portugal." - Ana Marie